Woods Creek Shrek Well Done!

Julia Baumer as Princess Fiona

The music in Shrek Jr is incredibly difficult for younger students to perform. The kids at Woods Creek Elementary did an admirable job! For most of them, it was their very first time on stage. (All of them were in fourth or fifth grade.) There were some very funny moments, well acted and well sung. Singers were obviously coached to sing strong belt, a real challenge (and potentially scary endeavor) for such young voices. Some were more successful at it than others. Costumes were wonderful, especially for the fairy tale creatures, the dragon, and Fiona. The set was flat out amazing. Unfortunately, sound ran a little hot for almost everyone.

Here’s a quick run-down on some of the individuals who stood out:

  • Mama Ogre/Emery Merz: Very strong! Surprisingly so.
  • Pinnochio/Kyle Strombach: Totally cute, loved the nose! Hard to hear his lines though. Not his fault, his mike was one of the few that needed to be up.
  • Witch/Mackenzie Lennon-Perrone: Really solid sound, great little actress.
  • Donkey/ Jake Georgy: Tons of energy, wish his delivery hadn’t been so fast. He had a bunch of funny lines, but you couldn’t understand a lot of them.
  • Young Fiona/Madeline Berenson: Good job, polished off her ridiculously hard rhythms with ease.
  • Teen Fiona/Sydney Mattingly: Even better! Rich tone overall.
  • Princess Fiona/Julia Baumer: Well done, lights up on stage. This is a huge part to learn. She didn’t miss a bit of it! Really proud of this little Bel Canto star.
  • Dragon/Addison Schwab: Fabulous lower range. Nailed the character.

This school consistently produces strong shows. Every time, an enjoyable afternoon of family entertainment!

~ Jeanie Carter

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