Virtual Showcase Etiquette

Required Viewing for Students
Please think of a virtual showcase as a live concert. Showing your appreciation for the countless hours of hard work that go into a production like this will allow us to continue providing the experience for students in the future.

  • Each showcase is posted as an unlisted video on YouTube. It stays live for 10 days, allowing plenty of time for convenient viewing. The link will be sent to each student as soon as it is available for streaming.
  • You may forward the link to family and friends who would like to see the concert. The showcase file may not be downloaded or added to any public playlist.
  • Participation in showcases is optional, open to any student who is prepared.
  • If you are currently studying at Bel Canto Studios, viewing the entire showcase is considered mandatory.
  • Students who do not watch the showcase (or choose to only watch portions of it) may be ineligible to participate next time.

Audiences have always loved how entertaining Bel Canto showcases can be! Be entertained, for sure, but please see what you can learn from the concert too. Here are some questions to get you thinking….

  • What did you like the most? Why?
  • What did you learn from watching other performers?
  • Anything you can do to improve how you perform?

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