Why Study Here?

We know that you have a choice. Many teachers and coaches have credentials and relevant teaching experience. So why choose Bel Canto Studios? We offer programs with depth and breadth like few others in the Chicago area. Voice, piano, and theatre studies are all closely related to one another. Let us custom-fit our teaching approach to your learning style and personality so that you can exceed the goals you have set for yourself or for your child.


Many of our students have pursued professional careers by attending top schools like Interlochen Arts Academy, Juilliard, Berklee, Columbia, and Belmont. Younger students have been accepted into well respected summer programs across the country. Our singers perform with community theatre groups, revered choirs, and local opera companies. They take center stage at nightlife hotspots in and around Chicago. Keynote speakers engage audiences across the country with memorable presentations.

Here are some of the reasons you might be looking for a voice teacher or coach. See if any of them resonate with you. We have been able to address all of them successfully for other students.

You may want to:

  • Gain confidence, engage your audience with an undeniable stage presence
  • Sing or speak publicly with ease, reduce vocal fatigue
  • Expand your range, build your voice into all it can be
  • Audition, compete, and perform successfully
  • Master a particular vocal style
  • Get a fresh perspective on original songs and lyrics
  • Create a demo that will incent schools, summer programs, and agents to pursue your talent


Students study piano for many reasons. Everyone, no matter what their age or experience, needs a teacher that is approachable, fun, and able to teach in a way that they can learn. Here are some hot buttons that may resonate with you as a student or parent. We have successfully helped students in all of these areas.

You may want to:

  • Play a wide variety of styles and enjoy making music
  • Read notes, develop solid keyboard skills
  • Grow confidence and stage presence
  • Gain credibility as a musician by knowing music theory
  • Improve your songwriting skills
  • Audition, compete, and perform successfully
  • Create compelling demos that help get you accepted at top schools and summer programs across the country


Many of our students are successfully performing on stage and in film – beginners, amateurs, and professionals. Some students work regularly with agents. Others have entertained at Epcot or been offered pilot season auditions and print work in LA. A few gifted students have gone on to study theatre at Juilliard, Syracuse, Columbia, and New York Film Academy. Every performer has different strengths and areas for growth. Let us help you jump-start new skills or improve on what you are currently able to do.

You may want to:

  • Be prepared for auditions, know how to get cast
  • Command the stage whenever you perform
  • Explore character considerations and how to bring a character to life
  • Master cold-reading and delivery techniques
  • Understand the intricacies of interacting with others on stage
  • Fine-tune dialects or voice-over skills to increase your marketability
  • Create demos that incent schools, summer programs, and agents to pursue your talent