Why Study Here?

We can custom-fit our teaching approach to whatever you need.

Voice/Public Speaking

Here are some of the reasons you might be looking for a voice teacher or coach. We have a reputation for addressing all of them successfully.

  • Gain confidence, improve your stage presence
  • Sing or speak publicly with ease, reduce vocal fatigue
  • Expand your range, build your voice into all it can be
  • Audition, compete, and perform successfully
  • Master a particular vocal style
  • Get a fresh perspective on original songs and lyrics
  • Create a demo that will incent schools, summer programs, and agents to pursue your talent


Our experience speaks for itself. We’ve taught piano for many years.

  • Play a wide variety of styles and enjoy making music
  • Read notes, develop solid keyboard skills
  • Grow confidence and stage presence
  • Gain credibility as a musician by knowing music theory
  • Improve songwriting skills
  • Audition, compete, and perform successfully
  • Create compelling demos that help get you accepted at top schools and summer programs


Jump-start new skills or improve on what you currently do well. We know how to help.

  • Be prepared for auditions, know what it takes to get cast
  • Engage your audience
  • Explore character considerations, bring a character to life
  • Master cold-reading and delivery techniques
  • Understand the intricacies of interacting with others
  • Fine-tune dialects or voice-over skills to increase your marketability
  • Create demos that incent schools, summer programs, and agents to pursue your talent