Core Philosophy


To provide outstanding, personalized instruction across musical genres, performing arts professions, and business-related speaking roles


To become one of the top studios in metropolitan Chicago, known for its ability to:

  • Inspire and mentor students in the performing arts
  • Empower business professionals with strong public speaking skills


Bel Canto Studios is committed to excellence, encouraging every student to fully explore their talents so they make the most of their potential. Learning happens best in an energetic and positive environment, so classes are intentionally upbeat and creative. Our teaching approach is tailored to each person’s learning style, experience, personality, and study goals.


Certificates of achievement are awarded every June to students who complete a year of study.

Performance awards and honor students are announced at the annual recital so that students with above- and- beyond accomplishments can be recognized publicly. All recipients receive an engraved trophy.

  • Performance awards represent successful performances outside the studio (not to include participation in school ensembles). All students are eligible, including adults.
  • Honor students excel in a particular area: Vocal Technique, Piano Technique, Most Improved Vocalist, Most Improved Pianist, Musicianship, or Stage Presence. A $100 Study Award is also given out. Recipient names are engraved on perpetual plaques displayed in the studio waiting room.