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Presentation Skills

Good communication skills are critical for success. We all know that. It doesn't matter whether you are pitching a new service to a client, facilitating a training session, presenting expert content at a physician's conference, or attempting to sway the thought process of a jury. The bottom line is always want to influence outcomes.

Your message has to be delivered in a compelling, perhaps even disarming way so that your audience can’t forget it. They may not agree with what you have to say, but they’ll keep thinking about it. Several years ago, I had a keynote speaker study with me. His approach to presenting HR topics was always creative and fun. People remembered him and what he had to say. They didn't hesitate to follow up after his presentations, because he was so engaging and approachable. Here are his ingredients for success: preparation, presence, and a pinch of personality. People loved the combination. You may have to tweak it for your scenario, but it certainly is a good example of how to think outside the box. Don't be afraid to be yourself.

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How you carry yourself, dress, smile, even sit in a meeting leaves an impression on others. Your speaking voice, facial expressions, eye contact, hand gestures, handshake…all matter. Carrying yourself well can make or break what you are trying to accomplish. It's not hard to improve. You just have to be aware.

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