Voice Program

—  Preparing students for higher education, speaking professions,
and the entertainment world  —

The studio is known for its voice building – taking a voice at any stage of development and making it into all it can be. We understand how to eliminate the common roadblocks that singers face, so our singers perform with ease and confidence. We teach a technique that will carry you across musical genres, something which can only be learned from a seasoned professional. If you speak publicly, we can show you how to leverage your strengths and improve on delivery.


Whatever your reason for studying voice, you will be given the tools you need to achieve your goals with confidence. Every vocal style is welcome. Our students perform successfully in classical, musical theatre (legit and belt), pop, jazz, blues, R&B, gospel, rock, rap, country pop, celtic, and folk. One performance class per month is recommended. Prepared singers are encouraged to audition regularly for performing opportunities in the Chicago area. Interested students participate in local, regional, and national competitions. We can start children as young as seven or eight. Teens and adults may design their own private study program. While Covid-19 restrictions are in place, all lessons are taught via FaceTime or Google Duo. You many choose to continue with virtual lessons when in-person sessions resume.


One semester of class voice is offered to prepare young students for private study. The approach is particularly effective with 7-11 year olds. Class meets weekly for one hour. Most of the singing is done as a group. We will work on one or two musical theatre selections during the semester. Other styles may be considered, depending upon the group’s interest and ability. Each student will have the opportunity to sing solo on or off-mike. Not offered during the pandemic.


This monthly class is a great way to hone performance skills and build a portfolio of audition material. Come prepared to work on stage presence, character considerations, and vocal style. Learn how to capture a song’s message and work an audience. Beginning to intermediate. Not offered during the pandemic.


Get the up-front experience every singer craves—group sessions emphasize vocal style, application of technique, stage presence, and on-mike skills. Any musical style welcome. Intermediate to advanced, teen/adult. Not offered during the pandemic.


Bring two contrasting songs up to performance-ready in four weeks. Each participant will workshop their songs in multiple class settings. We’ll round out the experience with a Singer Spotlight on the last night of class. Any vocal style is welcome. Make it to the finals! Teen/Adult. Summer session only. Not offered during the pandemic.


There are several types of voice-over scripts, so you can focus on one type or take a more comprehensive approach. Are you interested in radio and TV commercials, audio books, character voices, or film commentaries? There’s a lot to explore. Discover your strengths and areas that could use improvement. It’s an extremely competitive industry, so being prepared before you present yourself to an agent is a must.


If you are an entrepreneur, project manager, marketing or training professional, keynote speaker, conference presenter, job seeker – we can help you. Improving on your delivery and overall presence can go a long way toward promoting audience engagement and buy-in. Learn how to become a compelling voice the next time you take the podium, interact with key decision makers, stand in front of a class, or interview for a top notch role. READ MORE about his program.