Theatre Program

—  Preparing students for stage, film, and television  —

Nothing teaches better than experience. We’ll share tricks of the trade with you that only come from years of performing.


Grow your skill set quicker with one-on-one attention. Sessions are especially productive when ramping up for an audition, fine-tuning a character or dialect, perfecting voice-over skills or preparing for a speaking engagement. You may wish to work alone or pair up with another student: the frequency of sessions will probably depend on the piece or audition opportunity at hand. Ongoing sessions give younger, less experienced students a chance to experiment and excel in a safe setting. While Covid-19 restrictions are in place, lessons are only taught via FaceTime or Google Duo. You many choose to continue with virtual lessons when in-person sessions resume.


There are several types of voice-over scripts, so you can focus on one type or take a more comprehensive approach. Are you interested in radio and TV commercials, audio books, character voices, or film commentaries? There’s a lot to explore. Discover your strengths and areas that could use improvement. It’s an extremely competitive industry, so being prepared before you present yourself to an agent is a must. Private study only.


Here’s your chance to get a jump on the competition! Learn how to choose the perfect song or monologue, prepare a great headshot and resume, get a handle on logistics, ward off things that could sabotage your audition, and be on top of callbacks. Know what it takes to get cast. Come ready to perform a song and cold-read. You’ll be glad you did! Please bring your accompaniment on CD. Not offered during the pandemic.


This class is for the younger set—kids still brimming with creativity and enthusiasm. It’s loaded with Broadway basics like theatre games, improvisation, characterization, memory challenges, and singing. We’ll work on stage presence, learn some typical dance steps, and tie it all together with a short performance on the last day of class. During summer months, the studio offers an abbreviated version of this class called Beginner’s Bootcamp. Not offered during the pandemic.


New to auditioning? Been doing it for a while? Loosen up and have more fun as your skills improve—develop believable characters, enjoy cold-reading, and get practical feedback on mock performances. Come with a monologue and Broadway song prepared. (Please bring your accompaniment on CD.) Both pieces will be polished up by the last day of class. Not offered during the pandemic.




Any young actor or actress will tell you that delivering a convincing performance in front of strangers requires a little doing! Confidence comes naturally when you have basic skills to draw upon and some practice under your belt. This class will give you just that. Each student will have one comedic and one dramatic monologue audition-ready by the end of the session. Learn how to leave a lasting impression on casting directors by choosing monologues that showcase your strengths. Not offered during the pandemic.


Terry in Tosca

Ever wish you could ace reading from an unfamiliar script at callbacks? You’ll have a better chance of landing the role you have your heart set on if you’re comfortable interacting with others in a scene. Our introduction to scene work focuses on comedic scenes. The follow-up class concentrates on the more difficult aspects of dramatic scenes. Students will pair up to analyze, memorize, and perform a variety of scripts. Not offered during the pandemic.


Whet your appetite for these charming dialects and make yourself more marketable at the same time. They are some of the most frequently used in theatre. We’ll cover the vocal adjustments needed for each one, talk about movies and plays where they can be found, and practice them in class. With just a few tips, they come to life quickly. Offered in conjunction with private study, no longer as a class.


Let your creativity lead you where it will! Designed for high school students and adults, you will have a ton of fun exploring the fundamentals of good improvisation. Scene work and simple improv games provide the basis for class activities. Scenarios will be tailored to participants. No two scenes are ever alike! Not offered during the pandemic.


Develop some basic skills that can help you with cutting a demo, auditioning, or performing on stage. Learn how to develop a character, improve your cold-reading skills, deliver monologues with confidence, and interact effectively with others in a scene. We’ll throw in a few ice-breakers and theatre games to keep creative energy and enthusiasm up! 11 years and up. Summer session only. Not offered during the pandemic.


Experience the thrill of a live shoot! Registration includes a minimal sitting fee and all rights to your headshot file. We’ll even show you how to write a strong performance resume before you leave. Work with an award-winning photographer and a performer who understands what agents and casting directors are looking for. Our approach is particularly cost-effective. Ask anyone! On-demand only.