Piano Program

—  Preparing students for competitions, higher education,
and recreational music-making  

We recognize the importance of music theory and keyboard technique, but also understand that you need to have fun and enjoy whatever you play! We’ll have you excited about taking piano lessons before you know it.


Bel Canto Studios is a fit, no matter what your age or ability level—young beginner, teen preparing for competitions and college auditions, or adult playing for your own enjoyment. We adjust our approach to suit each person’s learning style, musical experience, personality, and study goals. Transfer students are welcome. One performance class per month is recommended, 7 years and up. We can start children as young as five. Everyone is encouraged to explore a variety of musical styles. While Covid-19 restrictions are in place, lessons are only taught via FaceTime or Google Duo. You many choose to continue with virtual lessons when in-person sessions resume.
We use a unique curriculum for our youngest students. “Music for Little Mozarts” is designed for children between the ages of four and six, but can be used effectively with children as old as seven or eight. Students can transition easily into a traditional approach after completing this program. Little boys and girls love it!


One master class per month is recommended for all beginning to intermediate students between the ages of 7 and 12. Students learn to encourage one another and self-pace their practicing so they are comfortable performing on a regular basis. We’ll work on stage presence, confidence, technique, and the basics of different musical styles. Classes are rounded out with lively games, listening examples, and conversations about composers and high-profile performers. Not offered during the pandemic.


For piano enthusiasts – this class digs deeper into issues of musicianship, technical skill, and overall performance polish than our monthly master classes do. Any musical style is welcome. Intermediate to advanced. Not offered during the pandemic.


Developed by the Illinois State Music Teachers’ Association, there are twelve levels to the overall program. Every aspect of keyboard skill is addressed. Bel Canto Studios uses the AIM syllabus in conjunction with other piano books for a comprehensive approach to learning. When a student satisfactorily passes a level, the studio acknowledges their accomplishment with a trophy.