Demo Production

—  Capturing best efforts on CD and DVD  —


Never recorded before? Not sure how to get started or where to go? We can show you how it’s done. We’ll start off with two private coaching sessions, talk about your goals for the demo, and finish up with an hour of studio time (recording, mixing, and producing). Gain valuable experience and have something to show for it.


Whether you are auditioning for the college/conservatory of your choice, applying for a coveted summer program, presenting yourself to an agent, or finishing up your online press kit, we can capture your best effort. Let us help with strategy, performance coaching, songwriting, recording, and CD or DVD production — whatever you need.


Music videos are more involved and time-consuming than an audio demo or live video take. We have worked with students to record and produce top notch music videos. Our affiliates are well known for their expertise and ability to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Pick a song, record your instrumentals and vocals, and be prepared for video shoots in multiple locations. Once it’s edited, you will be very happy with the outcome. The bottom line: this is a powerful but pricey way to present yourself. If cost is not a stumbling block, this is for you.