PMS Peter Pan a Big Hit!

peter-pan-backdropThanks to everyone who made this production possible! The audience was thoroughly entertained every step of the way.

*Wilson Plummer played a lively Peter Pan.
*Jessica Shimp was a delightful Wendy, and Mia Priola a sassy Tinkerbell.
*Michael and John made everyone laugh.
*Nathan Brown as Captain Hook did an “admirable” job; his sidekick Smee played by Anneliz McHugh had some priceless expressions.
*Isabelle Millan nailed her Tiger Lily solo. She’s a Bel Canto student, so we’re incredibly proud of the job she did.
*Bhav Gupta as Chief Tiger Bamboo was a personal favorite.
*Mr and Mrs Darling, played by Zane Davis and Ana Mitoraj, did a nice job with smaller roles.
*Nana the dog, Clara Davenport, was just plain cute.
*Morgen Neuhauser did a great job trolling through the crowd as the Crocodile.
*Mermaids, Lost Boys, Fairies, and Pirates rounded out the cast, providing a fun evening of family entertainment.

I’m sure the other cast did equally as well. Bravo Prairie Middle School!

peter-pan-chief-and-millan peter-pan-millan-with-hook-and-smee-nov-2016 peter-pan-tinkerbell-and-pan

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