Our Recent YouTube Recordings

Here are some recordings posted to the studio’s YouTube channel last month. There’s a nice variety of styles – pop, blues, country pop, musical theatre, art song, and opera. Performers are 8 yrs to adult. We hope you’ll enjoy some of these.

“Le Violette” by Scarlatti, Emily Ortlieb: https://youtu.be/pG97O0a5Clo
“God Help the Outcasts” from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Taylor DiTola: https://youtu.be/NC7v2CPhYtg
“Breakaway”, Heather Voss: https://youtu.be/5pfcfWP9SYc
“Addio, del passato” from La Traviata, Kimberly Albrecht: https://youtu.be/f2XxTtcmLRw
“With a Smile and a Song” from Snow White, Jessica Cygan: https://youtu.be/cLeKRusKIx0
“Ain’t No Sunshine”, Adrienne Yabile: https://youtu.be/Xin-jPlxI6E
“Don’t Cry Baby”, Gabriela Soltys: https://youtu.be/Koctb5VkoGg
“Looking Through Your Eyes”, Samantha Ceglarek: https://youtu.be/Q_1uAVfbCbY
“Words Get in the Way”, Marty Page: https://youtu.be/I1fQPBciCOs

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