If You Missed “Anything Goes”…..

….you missed one of the best high school productions ever. Everything about it was phenomenal. The show boasts of one Cole Porter hit song after another, songs that make you want to tap your toes and hum the melody. The pit band probably had as much fun as everyone on stage because of the engaging orchestrations.The show was type-cast to the hilt.

  • Reno SweeneyMeaghan Rivera could best be described as “most likely to be on Broadway someday.” Her belted vocals and professional stage presence left you breathless. She will undoubtedly be heard from again.
  • Hope Harcourt: Mary Furlong was feminine, delicate, played the ingenue well.
  • Billy CrockerJack Moran surprised everyone with his beautiful tenor voice and natural vibrato. He created a really likeable character.
  • Moonface Martin: Jack Longo was hysterical in the role, especially during Act I. The guy never misses a chance to make the most of every line. His comedic timing is unparalleled.
  • ErmaKara Dahlenburg played this great character role well.
  • Mrs. HarcourtTess Hasan offered wonderful comic relief every time she was on stage. Perfect fit for the role.
  • Lord OakleighJon Carter played up the English angle admirably. Great straight-faced comic.

Multiple levels and nice look to all the sets. Costumes were period-appropriate, providing beautiful variety and color to the stage. A lot of costume changes for everyone in the ensemble!

                                                          ~ Jeanie Carter


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