Corona Virus Update

With all the news surrounding us about Covid-19, I wanted to let you know what is being done at the studio to keep students safe. The studio is sprayed with disinfectant every day, even under normal circumstances. Hand sanitizer is always available. Surfaces are being cleaned and disinfected more frequently than usual. All students are asked to thoroughly wash their hands before taking a lesson.

The studio will be open March 16th – 21st unless otherwise announced. Bel Canto will be closed as planned during spring break, March 23rd – 28th. We will reopen on Monday, March 30th. We are continuing with lessons next week, because all of our work is one-on-one. Event cancellations and school closings are focused on limiting exposure to the virus in large groups of people. If you are feeling under the weather, please re-schedule your appointment. Please feel free to contact the studio with questions or concerns.

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