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I Want to Be on Broadway – Is That Crazy?

March 25, 2023

Only if you think it is! I tell ALL my students this, “you have one job, to be ready.” You never know what unexpected opportunity may be right around the corner, whether you’re looking to be on Broadway or not.…

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Bel Canto Studios, Inc

Virtual Showcase Etiquette

May 20, 2021

Required Viewing for Students Please think of a virtual showcase as a live concert. Showing your appreciation for the countless hours of hard work that go into a production like this will allow us to continue providing the experience for…

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Recording Your Showcase Video

May 11, 2021

We all learn best by doing! The studio has presented a couple of virtual showcases now. We’ve learned what works really well and also what doesn’t. Please consider everything here. It may look like a lot, but every one of…

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