Acting Lessons

Preparing students for stage, film, and television

Don't hit the panic button! You have an audition coming up soon, and you don't feel prepared. We can work together to figure out what to focus on during lessons. You already have skills that we can improve. Maybe you need to jump-start some new skills you aren't even aware of. I’ll share valuable tips that I've learned from performing over the years so that we fast-track our efforts.

If you'd like to be better prepared next time, think about taking some regular lessons. You can learn how to fine-tune a character, bring a script to life, understand the intricacies of scene work, or master cold-reading techniques. The list is endless. Some of my students have focused on voice-over work in these lessons so they could record or do commercials. Others have been more suited to the close-up work associated with TV or film. Whatever you choose to do, it just takes practice to get comfortable.

Bel Canto Studios, Inc

Student Successes

  • Several Bel Canto students are represented by well-known agents and managers in Chicago, NY, and LA.
  • Many alums are successfully performing on stage, TV, and in film. They've entertained at Epcot, Universal Studios, and on cruise lines.
  • Chanel, Vogue, American Girl, Abercrombie & Fitch, along with many other nationally known brands, have hired Bel Canto students and alums for print work, commercials, and international runway.
  • Some of my students have gone on to study drama and film at Juilliard, Syracuse, University of Southern California, Columbia, and New York Film Academy.