2013 Recital & Awards Ceremony


The studio’s recital and awards program will be on March 9th at 2:30 pm this year. We’ll be deviating from our usual format. In years past we have performed in a large venue and recorded all of our performances. This year will be much more informal. I will host the event in my home, 923 Linda Drive, Algonquin (fifteen minutes from studio, just west of Barrington Hills). 

Most of the performers will be pianists, so it will be a nice opportunity for them to play their pieces on my Mason & Hamlin 7′ grand. It may feel a bit cozy because my house isn’t set up to be a concert hall, but overall I think it will be a nice experience.

  • There will not be room for individuals to video using tripods.
  • The audience may start arriving at 2:15 pm. Earlier would interrupt dress rehearsal. 
  • We will wrap up the afternoon by around 4:00 pm.


Participation in the recital is optional but encouraged. I know that some of you are already committed to other performances that day. If you would like to be part of the program, please confirm details with me right away. Most of you already have. 

  • You will need to successfully perform your selection in a lesson or class at least one week before the recital to be included in the program.
  • This is always an enjoyable afternoon of entertainment, so invite friends and family! Students, feel free to come even if you are not performing. 
  • Honor students will be announced and trophies given to those who have performed outside the studio during the year.
  • Light refreshments will follow the awards ceremony.
  • Out of consideration for the other performers and audience members, students are expected to stay for the entire program. No exceptions will be made.

Dress Rehearsal

A mandatory dress rehearsal will be held immediately before the recital.

  • Students are to arrive at 12:30 pm so that we can start the rehearsal by 12:45 pm.
  • Be dressed and ready to perform. (Dress clothes required. Do not be late.)
  • Pianists, please make sure that your song is easily accessible.
  • I will have instrumental tracks for singers.

Volunteers Needed

We need a few volunteers to help with the event. If you can volunteer, please let me know as soon as possible, specifying what you would prefer to do. We will need:

  • One parent to take pictures during dress rehearsal (my camera), assist as needed
  • One parent to video individual performances during dress rehearsal (my video cam – for learning purposes, outstanding performances may be posted to YouTube)
  • One person to answer the door and take coats upstairs while guests arrive
  • Two parents to provide a total of 6 dozen cookies or small brownies
  • One person to pass out programs
  • One parent to take pictures during the awards ceremony (my camera), group photo of all participants

I think that’s it. Seating is probably going to be the biggest issue, so if you have folding chairs I would really appreciate them!

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