Piano Lessons

Preparing students for higher education and
recreational music-making

M&H Grand

Piano is for everyone! I have young beginners who eagerly soak up what they learn (even when they're not keen on practicing). Over time, if students supplement their playing with solid technique and theory, they can successfully enter competitions and consider pursuing music in college. I'm always thrilled to have older students and adults who just want to play a variety of styles for their own enjoyment. Whoever you are and whatever you play, you should enjoy it. Transfer students are welcome. Everyone is encouraged to explore a variety of musical styles.


I can start children as young as five with my Music for Little Mozarts curriculum. The kids do really well when parents attend lessons and help with the small amount of practicing that's needed. Kids can easily transition into a traditional approach after completing this program. They learn the basics, have a ton of fun, move to music when the wiggles get the best of them, and sing a bit which helps to develop good pitch. Little boys and girls love it!

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